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Upper Rubber Boot prompt 20: travel
21: black and white
22: can't wait to see

I have fond memories of a morning I spent in Jacksonville almost three years ago. There were beautifully bedecked lions...

San Marco Square

...and a spice shop, where I purchased some presents, and the San Marco Bookstore, where I picked up three more gifts. (This was the road trip where I picked up Christmas stamps for that year's holiday mailing and then couldn't remember where I'd stashed them until January. This year I'm sticking with roses.) The store was having a Buy 1 Get 1 free sale, so I treated myself to Samuel Chamberlain's Bouquet de France (sixth printing August 1960), which includes both black-and-white photographs and line drawings:

Prompt 21 - black and white 21 - black and white28 - water

A painting I can't wait to see again (and unsuccessfully searched for online a few nights ago) is Irwin Hoffman's Portrait of Dorothea G. Hoffman, which hangs in the Boston Public Library's Fine Arts/Music Reading Room. It's a marvelous record of a beautiful woman, and it's been almost a decade since I last visited her (and the danger is, of course, that the painting may be rotated out by the time I next get myself to Suffolk County. Not too long ago, Cheekwood put back into a storage a painting I'd just started writing about but hadn't taken complete notes on, thinking it would be there the next time...). I keep my precious copy of the BPL reading room art list tucked inside a guidebook from Cambridge's Globe Corner store:

22 - can"t wait to see

At the moment, though, I'm abandoning all my grand plans for the afternoon in favor of a nap. (Current rule of thumb: if I'm too tired to wash the dishes, I'm too tired to go out again. Plus there are mushroom bao to make...) I did sing in two services this morning, and I write about how the Gospel of Luke got me thinking about Jack Gilbert over at Vary the Line, which Mary is reviving, with contributions from me and Joanne at least once a month.

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Upper Rubber Boot prompt 18: spokesman

My copy of Jim Ottaviani's Suspended in Language is on loan to a friend, so you get this instead:

18 - spokesman

Sir Mark Oliphant, in Ann Mozley Moyal's Portraits in Science:

I was a member of a group that was led by Niels Bohr, after the test in Alamogordo, that was very much against the use of this new weapon on civilian cities. Niels Bohr, who was our spokesman -- which was a pity in some ways, because his English wasn't good and [laughs] his wife told me his Danish was almost as bad -- but he became our spokesman and was very very good and persistent in his approach.


  • Wikipedia's Pauli effect entry, which links to my sonnet about same

  • A Particular Truth--1941 - on Bohr and Heisenberg

  • At Teaching Resources, which obtained it via Moving Poems, which features Nic Sebastian's take as well: Othniel Smith's video remix of "Playing Duets with Heisenberg's Ghost"

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    Upper Rubber Boot Prompt 17: driving

    17. driving

    I have been working on the catalogue of next year's Italian car exhibition, so this book (the catalogue of an earlier exhibition curated by Ken Gross) has kept me company during some late nights the past month. This weekend's work-related reading is the catalogue for an exhibition about the House of Alba.

    In other news, Moonsick Magazine published my poem "Nowhere to Go" yesterday.

    The BYM came by for lunch, and then we went upstairs to the postcards exhibition. He was especially entertained by some of the Krampus cards, as well as a sexy Easter greeting.

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    16 - instruments

    Upper Rubber Boot Prompt 16: instruments

    Recently reading poems about Madam CJ Walker and A'Lelia Walker has me itching to resume contributing to the African American National Biography project (for which I wrote entries on Frederick Asbury Cullen, Rose Leary Love, and Gertrude Rush some years ago).

    But there are existing commitments to honor first, including learning Paul Winter et al.'s Missa Gaia, which a friend last night joked has become "The Unitarian Universalist Messiah (which, yes, my church has performed multiple times in the past twenty years, but this November's Music Sunday will be the first one I'm available for).

    You know you're in for something different when the credited composers include wolves and whales:

    learning Missa Gaia learning Missa Gaia

    I am reminded that I really do live in an amazing town -- the saxophone soloist for Music Sunday will be Jeff Coffin, and some other Sunday I'll get myself to one of Acme's jazz or soul brunches, and some other time I'll hit the clubs and workshops on the list. But first, there is work to do and there are friends to see. In the meantime: Madam CJ Walker and John Coltrane, at a now-closed doll museum in North Carolina...

    Doll & Miniature Museum of High Point

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    Prompt 13: comforting

    13. comforting

    Prompt 14: orange

    14. orange

    Prompt 15: fact

    15. fact

    15. fact

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    MeEx cover
    The subject line is from Diane Ackerman's "I Praise My Destroyer," which also contains these lines:

    it was grace to live
    among the fruits of summer, to love by design,
    and walk the startling Earth

    cigarette machine
    Cigarette machine, Jerusalem, 2009

    Paper Hound Bookshop
    Poetry machine, The Paper Hound Bookshop, Vancouver, 2013

    every stationery store should have a sleepy doggie
    Stationery shop, Wilmington (NC), 2012

    Madison County Public Library, 2008

    Paris, 2009

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    Prompt: poems

    11. poems

    In the photo:
    If I Had Wheels or Love - Vassar Miller
    Collected Poems - Lynda Hull
    In Advance of All Parting - Ansie Baird
    A Year in Poetry - edited by Thomas E. Foster and Elizabeth C. Guthrie
    Staying Alive - edited by Neil Astley

    I'll probably spend part of tonight with one of these books. But first I will be finishing up the assembling of tonight's dinner (a variation of Bittman's chickpea tagine with chicken and apricots), and looking at other chicken recipes for tomorrow night. It will likely be pot pie if I feel I have time; if not, chicken salad sandwiches with leftover mashed potatoes on the side. The focus on chicken is thanks to a manager's special Saturday that resulted in me stewing a crockpot full of thighs; some of the chicken jelly was ladled onto the dog's kibble tonight, and oh, such rejoicing and gobbling there was by the auld girl.

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    27th-Sep-2015 02:57 pm - Jane Austen, tomato anchor
    MeEx cover
    It's been a while since my last spell of quality time with the tomato plants. This morning I reached for the scissors and twine. The vine I'd draped over the bookshelves had dropped to the floor, so I hauled it back up and this time used Jane Austen (a gift from my big brother) to anchor into place.

    Jane Austen, tomato vine anchor

    Jane Austen, tomato vine anchor

    Jane Austen, tomato vine anchor

    I did sneak in a bit of pruning two nights ago, with one cutting going into a pot outside:


    There was a vine I'd mentally consigned to the compost pile earlier in the week, but when I took a closer look at it, there were two tiny green tomatoes on it. So -- as with so many other things these days -- I'll wait and see.

    not yet ready to compost

    not yet ready to compost

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    25th-Sep-2015 11:17 pm - everything on the moon
    MeEx cover
    I am in love with this sentence I just saw in the the New York Times, about the Super Blood Moon:

    "You're basically seeing all of the sunrises and sunsets across the world, all at once, being reflected off the surface of the moon," said Dr. Sarah Noble, a program scientist at NASA.

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    25th-Sep-2015 07:31 pm - my song!
    MeEx cover
    David Early-Zald wrote this for me: Mechaieh

    (My copies of the CD just arrived in yesterday's mail. Whee-yay!)

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